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    Two-way mobile phone flow of construction machinery will become the development direction

    Release time:2019-03-27Author:Source:Luoyang MIKONI Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.Click:208

    Global sales of new equipment have entered an era of low profit. Many well-known international equipment manufacturers have shifted their profit margins to the post-market. The post-market mainly refers to the extended service of equipment, in which the second-hand equipment accounts for a large proportion, and the second-hand mobile phone users in China are likely to be the basic customer group in the development of the construction machinery remanufacturing industry. The remanufacturing of construction machinery will also provide the source power for the rapid development of the second-hand market. The two-way flow of the second-hand mobile phone and remanufactured products in the domestic and foreign markets will become the development direction. 。
    Under the financial crisis, exports have declined, and some enterprises rely heavily on exports. Seeking the market in China has become a major channel for the development of second-hand construction machinery industry. In this case, domestic demand for second-hand construction machinery is rebounding, and there are obvious signs of high-speed development of second-hand construction machinery. It is an indisputable fact that the second-hand construction machinery industry has taken active measures to change its development mode and seek new economic growth points under the promotion of policies related to maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand and restructuring. It is an indisputable fact that the trade of second-hand machinery and equipment is becoming more and more active. For the second-hand machinery industry, business opportunities have matured. Second-hand machinery and equipment with its unique advantages of low price and high performance-price ratio has gradually been recognized by engineering contractors, and the social demand has increased dramatically.
    At present, the domestic trade volume of second-hand machinery and equipment has exceeded 50 billion yuan. Customs statistics show that the total number of second-hand excavators imported in 1998 is only a few thousand. At present, more than 20,000 second-hand excavators enter the country every year, which is equivalent to one third of the total annual sales of domestic excavators. The demand of the second-hand market is obvious. Many agents and even manufacturers have begun to expand the business of second-hand equipment. Domestic manufacturing enterprises have begun to expand their second-hand equipment business independently or by entrusting agents. Although the scale is limited, the momentum is strong. Many small and medium-sized enterprises in the downstream industry chain around the survival and development of large brands demand for second-hand equipment is increasing year by year. "Developing a trading market platform with the theme of second-hand machinery and equipment can greatly meet the needs of local machinery consumers, especially local small and medium-sized enterprises," said Feng Jingsheng, deputy general manager of Shunlian Second-hand Equipment Trade Square Machinery City, which settled in Foshan in the first half of this year. People, that is, long enough development time, good geographical environment, enough customer base.

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