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    Process flow

    Flow chart of investment casting process
    (1) NC processing technology is the sum of various methods and technical means used in parts processing by NC machine tools, which is applied to the whole NC processing process. NC machining technology is an application technology gradually improved with the emergence and development of NC machine tools. It is a summary of a large number of NC machining practices.
    (2) NC machining process refers to the process of directly changing the shape, size, surface position and surface state of the object to be finished and semi-finished products by means of cutting tools on NC machine tools. The process of NC machining is not the whole process from blank to finished product, but the specific description of several NC processes.
    (3) The relationship between NC processing technology and NC programming NC processing technology is the premise and basis of NC programming. Without practical, scientific and reasonable NC processing technology, there will be no truly feasible NC processing program. And NC programming is to program the content of NC processing technology.

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